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5 Hernia Facts You Must Be Aware of!

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October 1, 2019
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October 14, 2019

5 Hernia Facts You Must Be Aware of!

Best Doctor for hernia treatment in Delhi

Poor Nutrition, Chronic constipation, lifting heavyweight, prolonged Cough are some of the major causes of hernia. Even Obesity and Consumption of tobacco also aggravate the chances of Hernia. However, it could be of any type like ventral hernia, umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia. Also, it can occur at any age or it can present since birth. Surprised to know? Well, no need to! There are many interesting facts which are related to the hernia. Let us explore some of the most interesting facts and know who can give you best hernia treatment.

#Fact 1: Males Suffer More from Hernia 

An inguinal hernia is more prone to men rather than women. It happens due to anatomy. The reason is- after birth testicles descend the inguinal canal. This canal closes after infant birth. However, in any case, if it doesn’t close properly, then a weakened area is leftover which results in a hernia.

#Fact2: Obesity is the Prime Factor behind Hernia

A Hernia problem is quite common in over-weighted people. It takes more time to repair the hernia which complicates the case.

#Fact3: Hernia is of different types

There are different types of hernia that depend upon the location. It is broadly categorized into 2 categories that are Ventral (occur along the vertical center of the abdominal wall) and inguinal (occurs around the top of legs and groins).

A ventral hernia is further divided into 3 types- umbilical, hiatus and incisional.

  • Umbilical: Around the belly button area
  • Hiatus: Occur near diaphragm (separate abdomen & chest)
  • Incisional: Around the site of previous surgery

Inguinal hernia can of two typesthat are

  • Unilateral (occur on one side of the groin) and
  • Bilateral (on both sides of genital part)

#Fact 4: Hernia Can Be Deadly

If hernia left treated, it can worsen your situation. Hernia puts pressure on the surrounding tissue and this pain can extend into the scrotum in men. In this abdomen, if the intestine gets trapped in weak spots than it can lead to nausea, vomiting, extreme pain, unable to bowel movement and pass gas.

 #Fact 5: Hernia can occur from Simple activities

Many people thought that athletic activity or simple exercises can lead to a hernia. Well, it is true! Extreme pressure on the muscular area can result in a hernia. Even hernia can happen due to everyday actions like

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Clearing the throat

Where to get the best Hernia treatment?

Hernia problems can lead to further complications if you don’t take preventive actions on time. Hence, make sure you are consulting with Dr Ashish Bhanot for getting the best hernia treatment. He is highly renowned for giving the best treatment as he first analyzes the case and then proceeds with the treatment. Patients sometimes fear infections; hence he makes sure to give laparoscopic surgery so that there will no pain and no big cuts. All in all, you can say he is the best Doctor for hernia treatment in Delhi. Doctors at Aum Clinics are specially trained in laparoscopic surgery and promise to deliver the best results.

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