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Know About Sports Hernia Symptoms & Treatment!

sports hernia treatment in Delhi
Should Athletes Be Worried About Sports Hernia?
October 14, 2019
- best sports hernia treatment in Delhi
Get The Best Sports Hernia Treatment in Delhi!
November 28, 2019

Know About Sports Hernia Symptoms & Treatment!

Sports Hernia Treatment in Delhi

Hernia brings pain and discomfort! Those who are suffering from hernia often found difficulties in doing exercise, coughing, bending, moving or even while passing stools. A hernia is easy to detect as you can see a bulge on your skin, but what if you are not able to detect any lump or bulge? What if you suffer from intense pain but don’t how to diagnose the problem? Well, if this is the case, then it could be because of Sports Hernia. Sports Hernia? What is it? Or what are its symptoms? Is there anyone who can give the Sports Hernia Treatment In Delhi? So many questions just stuck into your mind? Well, wait for a while and get all your answers. This blog will give a full stop to all your queries, just stay tuned with us!

What is Sports Hernia Exactly?

The major difference between a normal hernia or sports hernia is – Sports hernia is not actually a hernia. Yes! In sports hernia, you will not get a hole or weakness in the abdominal wall. Due to this, it becomes quite difficult to even diagnose the presence of sports hernia. There is no actual defect in sports hernia that’s why it is also called as athletic pubalgia. Thinking what is it? Well, a significant strain on pubic bone where abdominal muscles & lower extremity muscle insert is called as athletic pubalgia, says an eminent doctor.

So, how you will diagnose sports hernia? What actually done in your body if you have a sports hernia? Just read its symptoms!

Symptoms of Sports Hernia

Let us explore some of the major symptoms of a sports hernia.

  1. Sudden or severe groin pain at the injury time interval
  2. Groin pain that does not show its effect while resting but whenever doing sports activities, pain returns.
  3. Groin pain that can be felt at one side of the groin area, instead of targeting both the sides.
  4. While doing twisting or bending movements, severe pain returns to its site.
  5. Pain associated with the movement of deep abdominal muscles (while performing sit-ups, gym exercises, stomach crunches)
  6. Bruising or tenderness in the lower abdomen or upper thigh

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then you might be suffering from hernia problem, hence make sure you are getting the Best Hernia Treatment from the reputed doctor to avoid any complications in the future.

Sports Hernia Treatment without surgery!

There are some treatments that are shown to be effective for the sports hernia apart from surgery. Initially, it is recommended to take anti-inflammatory treatments, resting from activity, physical therapy or ice treatment for curing sports hernia. All these methods can be performed to eliminate the risk of a sports hernia.

In any case, if these treatments are not successful or do not show any improvement, then you can go for surgery. This will repair the weakened area of the abdominal wall, and help athletes to get back into their sports.

Where to get Sports Hernia Treatment in Delhi?

If the sports hernia is corrected by medication or physical activity, then it’s well and good. But, if you are searching for a permanent solution, then surgery is the only option! Consult with Delhi’s No.1 doctor Ashish Bhanot who is possessed with years of experience in treating hernia problems. At his clinic, he performs dynamic MRI after proper clinical evaluation that helps to diagnosis the sports hernia. Also, he performs minimal invasive surgery to patients so that patients do not get big cuts or deep wounds. So, why to delay then? Consult him today only and get rid of regular pain without any hassle!

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